Jean-Gabriel Domergue






Jean-Gabriel Domergue


(March,4 1889 - November, 16 1962)

Jean-Gabriel Domergue

Painter of Parisian life

Jean-Gabriel Domergue was born in Bordeaux, France on March 4th, 1889.

An extremely talented and precocious painter, Domergue exhibited works at the Salon Des Artistes Français (the French Artists Exhibition) in 1906 at the young age of seventeen. In 1913, he was awarded the Second Prize of Rome and went on to win the gold medal award in the 1920 show. He then began showing outside the exhibition.

Having first been recognized for his landscapes which he painted with great ease, his career took a decisive turn during the 1920’s. At this time he became the painter of the « Parisian lady ». Domergue invented a new type of woman : thin, airy, elegant, with a swanlike neck and wide seductive eyes which gaze upon the world with longing. “I invented the pin-up » he later claimed. He went on to paint approximately 3,000 portraits.

Place Beauvau

Galerie de Souzy

Jean-Gabriel Domergue in the spotlight

Jean-Gabriel Domergue belongs to that generation of painters who contributed to making Paris the world capital of the arts, and our Gallery on Place Beauvau has for a long time been an obligatory stop for lovers of his work.

This site is dedicated to him. We have chosen to present here the best canvases we currently have on display, as well as those which have passed through our hands in recent years.

Galerie de Souzy


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