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Jean-Gabriel Domergue in the spotlight

Jean-Gabriel Domergue belongs to that generation of painters who contributed to making Paris the world capital of the arts, and our Gallery on Place Beauvau has for a long time been an obligatory stop for lovers of his work.

This site is dedicated to him. We have chosen to present here the best canvases we currently have on display, as well as those which have passed through our hands in recent years.

Visitors will come across these pretty young Parisian women the artist was so fond of, his cocottes attired with their ravishing fascinators, his nude models, actresses or women of the world, celebrities or simple beauties of a day, but also couples, some at the Opera or the Folies Bergères, others at Longchamp or the Derby. The world of Jean-Gabriel Domergue is at once elegant, merry, festive, refined, and above all feminine. The men who appear at the women’s shoulders are there only to enhance their beauty. His depictions remain today a wonderful testimony to a time that remains so close, yet is already almost forgotten.

Most of the paintings that we present here are now part of private collections, but the excitement that they achieved for us has remained intact.

New acquisitions by the gallery of works by Jean-Gabriel Domergue will appear on this site from now on.

These will serve to arouse the interest of discerning collectors and fans of the work alike, introducing them to his great talent.

Jean-Gabriel Domergue was a painter with a vast output.

Our role today is to undertake a selective sorting of his work, in order to present only the best.

For several years now, Pierre-Edouard de Souzy has taken a particular interest in the oeuvre of Jean-Gabriel Domergue, and has become one of the leading specialists in his work.


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Pierre-Edouard de Souzy, specialist of Jean-Gabriel Domergue