Epée d’Académicien des Beaux-Arts


Réf. 6008

Odette DOMERGUE (1884-1973), R. DELSINNE et Atelier Raymond DELAMARRE (1890-1986).

Jean-Gabriel Domergue was elected at the French Academy in 1950. The solid gold handle was disigned by Domergue’s wife, Odette, and sculpted by R. Delsinne, goldsmith. On the blade is graved: “Jean Gabriel Domergue”, “1950” and “de Académie des Beaux-arts”.

– Total lengh with scabord : 91 cm
– Lengh of the blade : 76 cm
– Width of the blade : 1,5 cm

Signed “O. DOMERGUE Scr” and “R. DELSINNE Cir”. Assembled by l’atelier Raymond Delamarre (1890-1986). For this sword, Odette Domegue found her inspiration in Antiquity, a theme that we can also find in the sculptures that are displayed in the Villa Fiesole gardens (Villa Domergue, Cannes).

A picture showing Jean-Gabriel Domergue in his academician uniform acompanies the sword. A Certificate of authenticity by Mr. Noé Willer is also provided